Friday, June 8, 2007

World Ocean Day

I know it has been awhile since I have posted...been working alot and updating the website. I just havent had the time. But today is World Ocean Day and I wanted to make sure that I posted today! Here is an action alert that I recieved today...

Stop Climate Change and Save the Ocean

June 8th is World Ocean Day—it is a day for each of us to celebrate our relationship with the ocean. The ocean provides us with food, a prosperous economy and inspiration for all who come near it. But, the effects of global climate change are steadily taking their toll on the health of the ocean.
The ocean and coast are expected to be heavily impacted by climate change. Increased ocean warming, acidification, rising sea levels, and unprecedented changes to the distribution and abundance of fish and wildlife are among some of the feared results. These results will only intensify over time—unless we stand together and do something about it. climate change is caused by the increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun's heat and causing the planet to warm up.Photo: NASAWhile the ocean is at great risk from climate change, it has long defended against warming. The ocean has absorbed more carbon dioxide than all the forests on the planet combined, but there are limits to how much more it can absorb. And, the ocean pays a price—carbon dioxide absorption is producing ocean acidification with potentially devastating consequences for coral reefs, shellfish and ocean productivity.
We must work together to lead the world to stop climate change and save the ocean. Reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions is the single best step we can take to protect the health of the ocean and the planet.
The good news is that the public recognizes climate change as the biggest environmental challenge of our generation. And, the world’s leading scientists and policy experts have proposed practical, cost effective solutions. Governors and mayors have even implemented solutions close to home.
The bad news comes at the national level, where the President and Congress have not demonstrated comparable will or leadership. Our children get it. The media gets it. Our governors, mayors, scientists and military leaders get it. But, will Washington get it?
It is time for us to speak up on World Ocean Day and demand that Washington show leadership in the fight against global climate change. We need their leadership now, more than ever. Please take action today and urge your Representatives in Congress to support legislation that would curb carbon dioxide emissions and create a comprehensive national framework to address the impacts of global climate change.

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