Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from my Vacation

Hello, everyone! I am back from my trip to Manitou! I had a BLAST! We stayed in a resort called Jolli-Lodge, it was right on the shore of Lake Michigan and our cabin was right off of the beach with a great view of the Manitou islands!
The first day the good old Lake Michigan was just too rough for our boat to head over to the Islands for our diving, so we did a shore dive in the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve (proposed) on the Elmwood. The Elmwood was a great shipwreck. I took my camera and I do have pictures (I will upload later) I also took some video with my camera and I posted it on YouTube. After that dive we dove in front of our resort, pretty flat and a long way to the drop off, and with the lake being so rough it was a difficult entry!

On Sunday, we had much better luck with the weather, and we boarded our boat for South Manitou Island. The first wreck we dove was, the Franciso Morazan (and of course the Walter L. Frost). Unfortunately we did not swim over to the Frost as my dive buddy was having a lot of trouble with his mask, so we headed back to the boat to fix it.
Our second dive on Sunday was the Three Brothers. That was a great dive! I did not take my camera on the dives on Sunday...and I wish had, but the space as very limited on the boat and I was afraid the camera could get damaged.

Here is the video from the Elmwood:

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