Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As most of my friends and coworkers know, I am quite liberal. But as I have been getting older (yes, another year will be flying by this month) I am getting more cynical about my "fellow" Americans. I have watched how folks have become more about them selfs then about watching out for others. I see this every day while driving, shopping, and reading the newspaper. Then yesterday there was a historical election. We finally voted in a president who is not "white"! It has been a long struggle for equality, and I hoped that we Americans would have learned a lesson about oppression and inequality. The results of yesterday election came as this 3 states voted to ban marriage, and one state to block adoptions. Apparently we are not the land of the free nor the brave! I am utterly disgusted at my "fellow" Americans. It is quite obvious that America has not learned any lessons from the past. I know I for one will not be as kind hearted to others as I have found this is a new America one that is out for only it's self. I guess it is time for me to adapt, and to take advantage just like everyone else.

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