Sunday, December 28, 2008

Movie and Dinner Review

I don't usually review stuff in my blog but, I think I will today.
Dinner- Had dinner on Friday at a brand new restaurant in town-Thai Cuisine on Drake Road, near the AT&T store (across from Lowes). The folks who owned Bangkok Flavor sold that restaurant to open this one...Now I loved Bangkok, but it was way on the other side of town for me. I am so excited to have this new resturant so close. Food was yummy and the leftovers I took home were so good the next night, I wanted to go get more. If you live close to Kalamazoo, try it out!

Movie- I went out to a movie on Saturday nights. Yes I know totally out of character for me, as I hate full theaters (usually someone talking and irritating me during the movie), but I had a chance to go for free. We went and saw Marley and Me. Such a good movie, just make sure your bring some thing to wipe the tears.

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