Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 and Money

Everyone has at some time is stressed about--MONEY!
Money can be your worst nightmare or your best friend (but it could turn and stab you in the back if your not careful). In this economic times it certainly has turned to stab folks in the back and has defiantly become some folks worst nightmare.
Suze Orman has been preaching some good solid money advice for a while, at least as long as I have been watching her. I will admit I don't follow every word she says. I don't have a huge reserve of cash encase things happen. But I feel I can weather 4-6 months of living with out going into huge debt- how-cut back. Who realy needs cable TV? Internet? I could shop for groceries more wisely (I know I can). I could easly cut out $200-300 off of my bills every month. Plus, thank goodness I work in a profession that is in hot demand even in this economy, Nursing.

For those of you who don't watch Oprah, and I cerntainly don't watch all the time, Suze Orman is a regular on the show. This past week was Oprah's Best Life week...and ofcourse money was one of the topics. Suze Orman is giving her latest book away for a free download (till 1/15, I think). The book Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan.
I downloaded it and plan to read it. You can never get enough ideas about what to do with money as the rules are always changing, and folks seem to aways get caught up and get screwed!

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