Saturday, February 14, 2009

MRSA on our beaches?

While I have known about MRSA (a class of supper bugs, which are difficult to treat with antibiotics as they are resistant to many of them) for a long time...more information about it comes out just about everyday. When I ran across this article I thought it would be great for everyone to read about it. Basically the article states:
-MRSA likes moist wet places
-MRSA lives and can be isolated in salt water
-MRSA can live on sand (actually it can live on most surfaces for up to 90days)
Since many people enjoy going to the beach, this should be thought simple solution to this potential problem- Wash with soap and water after visiting the beach.
For us scuba divers- I would think about this-
Conjunctivitis has been known to be transfered from one person to another by the use of the mask rinse tank. I would bet that MRSA could also be transered in this way as well. It would be smart to shower after diving. Washing wetsuits with soap after each trip (beside you really need to sink the stink!) and washing all of the diving equipment such as snorkles, gloves, regulators and masks makes sense as well.

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