Friday, August 3, 2007

Action Alert- Tell Congress to Protect Our Sharks

The threat of shark extinction in a number of species is very real, and its consequences could be potentially disastrous to the world’s oceans.
Ask your senators and member of congress to protect sharks!
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Sharks have survived for hundreds of millions of years, but now they have finally met their match: humans. Popular media have portrayed sharks as vicious predators, but we are the much greater threat to sharks. Humans kill over 100 million sharks each year. In contrast, sharks kill an average of five people per year, throughout the entire world. This means that people are statistically more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than they are by a shark bite. Shark populations all over the world are in trouble and the consequences could be disastrous for the world's oceans.
>> TAKE ACTION: Ask your senators and member of congress to protect sharks!

Fishing activity has nearly eliminated sharks worldwide, depleting their populations by 90 percent in only the last 50 to 100 years. Destructive fishing practices pose a danger to sharks so great that many may soon become functionally extinct, possibly changing the entire marine ecosystem as we know it.Sharks are at the top of the ocean food chain and maintain order in the underwater realm by helping to control populations of other marine species. Remove sharks from the equation, though, and what's left is an entire ecosystem out of whack.Most sharks are slow growing, late maturing, long lived and give birth to few young, so they are extremely vulnerable to overexploitation from fishing.Take action today by asking your senators and member of congress to help protect sharks. In addition, please send a letter to your local newspaper expressing your concern about the rapid depletion of sharks from our oceans. Without a voice of their own, if we don’t speak up for sharks, who will?

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