Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dives and New Stuff

Yesterday was another Wednesday Night dive for the group I dive with...boy did I have fun...and it was also trying!
We were doing a treasure hunt in Gull Lake at Ross Township. Ian and I won the treasure ( that was the fun part!)

The thing that was so trying is that, Ian and I got separated in the great soup that Gull lake can become, while getting tangled in our dive flag line at the surface! Ian was about an arms length to my right, I was leading the dive. I saw the motorcycle on my left and started to head toward it (thinking they may have planted the treasure near by) while Ian saw and orange object that could have been the lift bag to his right and tried to get my attention but I was already out of sight. He found the treasure that inflated the lift bag and headed to the surface. I circled the motorcycle and then saw the phone booth and looked quickly by it and then noticed that Ian was not around...I headed back to the spot where I last saw Ian, did not see him so I started to surface...since I could always find him (he has the dive flag). Ian was on the surface with the treasure, the lift bag partly inflated and he seemed to be struggling, then I noticed that he had the line for the flag all wrapped around him self and the treasure. I took the treasure from him we fully inflated the lift bag, so he could untangle him self, which he did but the line became in tangled in my 1st stage and then my fins. Ian took the treasure from me and I started to untangle my self while Ian swam away from me so he would not get tangled again.

Now I know we could have cut the line (yes we had our dive knives) but I never felt like we were in any danger but it was tiring trying to untangle the line as it tangled in something else (we had about 50 feet of line out). Not to mention that it was HOT and MUGGY out, being in the water with our 7mil wetsuit we were still sweating...all in all it was still a good dive (how could it not be when you got treasure).

I will be uploading some new designs at Sea Squirrel Productions.

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