Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today's Dives and More

Today we did a trip on Lake Michigan to dive in the Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve by the City of South Haven. This was my first "Great Lakes" trip, as I have dove mostly inland lakes. We dove 2 wrecks- the Rockaway and the Verano.
-Rockaway- 107' schooner that was lost on Nov 19th 1891. The wreck is pretty broken up but it was a great dive...water temp at depth was about 57degrees F. The vis was about 50'. It was a fun dive!
-Verano- 92' yacht, lost in 1946. The wreck is very broken up with pieces scattered about. The water temp was comfortable, but the Vis really droped down to 20', as the current was pretty strong there, which made it difficult to see the scattered pieces.

I can't wait until my dive trip in Sept to the Manitou Passage Preserve.

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